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perception of the value of time spent in a care business

Perception of value and time spent in a care business

There is a mismatch in terms of time versus value in a care business

As a care businesses I am sure you will be very aware that your business has become more complex, due to a variety of reasons. Higher regulatory standards, increase in minimum wage, travel time and pension changes are just a few of those areas.

Additionally, you are also trying to make this an attractive role to the many professional carers you need and finally you want to attract clients.

If you are charging an hourly rate for care the only thing the client values is that hour of care.

If you want to change the time versus value conversation in your care business then you need to adapt your services to accurately reflect what it is you do.

That is why you need to move from a transactional model to a valued proposition. This valued proposition needs to be packaged in a way that clients will undertstand the full process of what care businesses do. Once you have done this clients will be able to see the value your service provides.

The process works like this

  • Segment your client base
  • From the above establish your ideal client
  • Create a service proposition for your ideal clinet
  • Create a Storyboard that articulates your value e.g. your why, what and how
  • Change the language on your website and marketing material that reflects your service proposition
  • Create a marketing plan to target those ideal clients

Once implemented, this process not only works, it immediately increases your profitability. You can find out more here. Why not book in a discovery call to see how easily this process can be implemented.

In the words of Warren Buffet remember “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”

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