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New Partnerships for Thoughts Become Things

New Partnership for Thoughts Become Things

Announcement: Thoughts Become Things are now partners with The Institute of Health and Social Care Management.

For anyone who is passionate about changing social care, and being involved in that transition, then take a look at this organisation.

Since attending the first session back in November 2020 it became clear that they are different to other bodies.

The 3 key differences are outlined below:

They do not exclude different types of organisations from joining

If we are going to really change social care then we have to be prepared to sit at the table with every organisation. This includes not-for-profit, private care, home care, care homes, local authorities, consultants working in care, technology providers, and the list goes on. Because the IHM have taken this approach they are making real waves and driving transformation for real. This is completely aligned to Thoughts Become Things mission of being the most forward-thinking care consultancy in the UK by putting innovation and creativity at the heart of what we do. We live and breath this mission every day.

They are focused on action rather than research

The Zoom meetings I’ve attended as well as conversations with Jane Brightman, they are 100% focused on making things happen. We talk far too much about how to fix social care. We now need to start bringing together best practice from every part of the care profession and implement what we know works.

They provide great resources

My clients now have access to the resources they provide. This was a key decision in becoming a partner. These resources are again aligned to our services to attract and retain the best people. They have a wealth of material which includes Training and Development but also wellbeing support.

If you want to find out more about how Thoughts Become Things can help your care business with the help of The Institute of Health and Social Care, then book in a discovery call here.

If you want to find out more about the IHM their website is here