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Robot in home care

The Robots are Coming

I’ve had a little wager with a client today…..

I believe before 2029 there will be robots in place in people’s homes supporting them to live independently. What are your thoughts? Do you see this is as a threat or do you see this is as an opportunity? #technology is developing at such a rapid rate, if you see this as a threat and don’t do anything about it, then I anticipate you will struggle in the future. On the flip side if you see this is as an opportunity you will thrive. There is so much scope for this, especially in the home care sector. How are you planning for the future? What steps do you take to look at the wider areas of care that may affect you, such as technology? Would you describe your home care business as innovative? 

My vision is a teletubbies like robot with the Alexa/Siri/Facebook Portal or equivalent in their middle so family or home care providers can be contacted at anytime to either check in or see if there is an issue. I would even bet it’s out there now but I’ve just not seen it. I have seen robots that can detect human emotion and falls now. If you think I’m mad that’s fine but be open minded just in case. What have you got to lose?