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Team engagement in care businesses

Do you have a great team? A really quick exercise for you to do as a business owner or leader, to check that everyone in your business is in the right role, doing the right tasks and has the capacity to do it. By completing this exercise you will then have the capacity to increase your team engagement in your care business

The image comes from a book called Traction and it’s an exercise I do with my clients. It is the easiest way to get a sense check of your team.

So how it works.

Draw a table with 4 columns. First column put the person’s name in here. In the second Column, put in “Wants it”, third column put in “Gets it” and fourth column put in “Can do it”.

Wants it = This means the person wants to do the role they are doing, they are motived and energised by it.

Gets it = Means they fully understand their role and why they are doing it.

Can do it = Means they have the capacity to do it the role, the time they need.

You can either do one of two things now. Against the name of the person, and in each column, put in either yes or no. If that is too challenging to make a decision, then insert a number 1, 2 or 3. 1 would mean they rarely want it, get it, can do it. 2 would mean they sometimes want it, can do it and 3 would mean they always want it, get it can do it.

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