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Storyboards to attract private clients in care

Storyboards to attract private care clients

Storyboards are not commonly used in care businesses, yet they are ideal to attract private clients. For any service based industry they are a way of creating tangible value. What it allows you to do is package your service in a way so that clients understand what will happen as a result of buying your service.

We are currently working on three, all for different types of care businesses, residential, home care and attracting professional carers. These are enabling clients to move away from local authority contracts. This is at a point where we know many businesses cannot make ends meet due to local authorities not paying them the rates they need to survive. Now is an ideal time to create proven approaches that work, in order to attract private care clients.

As the David Becker quote highlights below, they provide you with a consistent approach to deliver your service. This means it drives efficiencies within your business.

Other advantages are below:

  • Creates a differentiator between you and other care providers
  • They enable you to build a trusted brand
  • Enables you to articulate your value to potential clients, this means you have a value conversation, rather than a cost conversation with them
  • As part of the process we identify who your ideal clients are and design client propositions to suit those clients.
  • By including case studies as part of your Storyboard to attract your ideal clients.

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