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Stand out from the crowd

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Do you regularly review what you do and how you do it?  Do you consistently look at how you can improve your business? Do you have personas for your ideal client and use this to market your services? Do you go out of your way to understand how technology can help your business? Do you have a culture that encourages employees and clients to share ideas with you to improve your service? Do you have a succession plan for your business.

If you answered yes to all of the above then that is great news for you because you will be reaping the rewards in the future.  People will understand who you are, what you offer and why they want to work with you, as well as being a great place to work.  When you go into a forward thinking business you can feel the buzz from it? People are energised and engaged.  The best businesses I’ve worked with do this consistently.

If you answered no to those questions then I’ve put some of my recommendations below


1. Reviewing your business –  First and foremost ask your team to share ideas on how they think they could improve the way things are being done right now.  They need to come up with the idea AND be able to tell you why it will improve the business.  If they are confident it will work get them to try it.  By empowering them it you will really engage them.  Also ask clients for feedback on your service and how they would improve it.  

2. Setting Personas for your ideal client – By setting a persona for your ideal client massively streamlines how you attract those people and the processes that sit behind it.  Think about who your ideal client is. How old are they? What did they do for a living? What specific conditions are they likely to have? What is their most pressing concern?  You can have more than one persona for different services but I would not recommend more than three. I would highly recommend you do personas for your ideal employee too.

3. Technology – Review how technology can be used in your business both from a business perspective and a client perspective.  There are many assistive technologies out there at the moment.  Think about creating a service that would include that technology or how can you make it be a value add for the client?

4. Succession planning – Having a business that can succeed without you is where every business should be.  If you can’t take three weeks out of your business then you have a job not a business.  Do some analysis of your team as to who you plan to make leaders in the future then put a plan in place to help them get there.

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