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What problem are you trying to solve in your care business?

What problem are you trying to solve in your care business?

Care businesses have pretty much the same problems as many other businesses.  Often you try and fix a problem, but it leads to another problem appearing further down the line. There is often a push and pull effect. This causes so much frustration to business owners. This is why it is important to understand what is really going on.

To expand on this further some key areas are covered below:


If you have a recruitment problem it could well be a process issue but often it is a leadership issue.  This could be to do with lack of accountability, or it could be to do with a lack of skills.  It is always to do with communication. It can also be due to lack of trust, either from the owner or the recruiter.

Employee retention and engagement

The same applies to employee retention and engagement.  Having a process to seek feedback, act on feedback and learn from it has the knock on affect of people feeling engaged and supported.  When it comes to appointing senior leaders, they should all have in their job descriptions, accountability to increase retention and engagement. Having an open, honest and collaborative culture is the single most important area you can focus on that enables you to know what is being said when you are not there.  Again this is down to leadership and communication.

Client acquisition/business growth

When it comes to business growth, care businesses are busy, often caught up in the day to day whirlwind. This means that being innovative and creative is not on the top of their agenda. Ask the follow questions:

1. What can we do to make our service better?

2. How can we remaining curious?

3. What could we learn from other sectors that would help us with this?

4. What new innovations are out there that would help create a better client experience?

All of the above will help you to deliver a better service and in turn attract more clients and employees to your business.

Improving Quality

If you have aspirations to become Outstanding or equivalent you need to work in all of the areas outlined above. 

If you have great leadership skills, have appointed leaders who are accountable for each of those areas, operate an open, honest and collaborative culture, this then leads to building trust and improve communication. Which in turn, will impact directly on whether you are Outstanding or not.

We at Thoughts Become Things , understand the root cause of these issues and know how to resolve this.  Our mission is to be the most forward-thinking care consultancy in the UK by putting creativity and innovation at the heart of what we do.  We also work with other consultancies who share this vision to offer holistic solutions.

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