So you’re finding it hard to recruit and retain great employees?

Employee journey recruit and retain

Creating your employee journey

It doesn’t matter what profession/sector/industry you’re in be it manufacturing, financial services, engineering, healthcare, this is a BIG issue! With high employment in the UK and the uncertainty of the B word, it is hard to recruit and retain great employees. So how do you, in this climate, stand out from the crowd? This is about having the right recruitment process e.g. understanding who you want as a candidate, where they can be found, have a great experience for the candidate from the start to the finish. There is so much more though. Once you’ve recruited them you want to retain them right?

Again this is about having systems and processes but also having a great culture that makes people want to remain in your business.

The list below give you a structure to work on

  1. Recruit for attitude not experience. I still see so many recruitment ads that state you must have xx amount of years experience. People can learn new skills in whatever sector, if they have the right attitude.  
  2. Make your business stand out from the crowd.  Find out what people think about your business. Are you a business that someone would want to  work for? What is unique about working for you?  Is the recruitment process one that candidates will enjoy or does it feel like hard work? Are they going to feel looked after and supported?
  3. Create a visual to tell potential candidates what the process will be.  There is an example here from David Lloyd david-lloyd-leisure-brand-experience-map.   Getting people to understand your brand will ensure you are recruiting like minded people who share your values.
  4. Have a robust recruitment process.   Ensuring every candidate receives a great experience even if they rejected means those people will tell positive stories about your business.  Make sure every person is communicated to in a professional way including sending out rejection emails.  You can standardise these so there should be very little increased time to do this.
  5. Create an Induction Process.  Having an induction process that gives new recruits the time to settle in and ensure they have a clear understanding of how each department works is really important. Little things can make people feel great such as a welcome card, little gift on their desk with stationery all set up for them.  Humans’ need to feel like they belong and the more you can do to help this the better.
  6. If you want to retain staff, create a coaching culture.  This is central to any business. If you instil a culture that is open, willing to listen and encourages collaboration, you will have a workplace that people don’t want to leave.

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