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sales and care - poles apart

Sales and Care – A Real Dichotomy

Sales and care often feel conflicted. They are literally poles apart. At one end there are sales which is seen as unemotional and somehow unscrupulous. At the other end you have care which has an emotional connection and is empathetic. This can make the process of targeting private clients daunting. Many people in care do not want to sell ‘care’, they feel uncomfortable with this concept. It feels wrong to them.

The transition

What I do understand is that this is normal. Transitioning from a route of acquiring clients from local authority to private paying clients is a change process. As such you need to manage this by engaging with your team, getting feedback, listening to their concerns, manage and measure the process along the way to ensure success.

Why is this a problem?

This problem has come into the forefront of home care providers because it has become nigh on impossible to make a profit, if they work only with local authority clients. UKHCA have recently undertaken some research that shows a home care business in London that pays the national living wage (not minimum wage) should be charging at least £25.70. This doesn’t include extra for PPE or other protective equipment that has been needed during the COVID pandemic.

There is another problem with local authority clients. They really only cater for time and task rather than person-centred care. The clients I work with now are looking to provide a service that clients really want to receive. A Service that looks at them as individuals, with individual needs, hopes and wishes. There is a real need and desire for this type of service now.

How we can help

At Thoughts Become Things, we are specialists in attracting private clients. We not only understand what home care businesses need to do, but also understand that this is a change process and it can feel difficult for some. This is why we provide consultative sales training as part of our transition process.

If you want to find out more on how we can help you to solve the problem of sales and care, and attract private clients through a proven process, please do book in a call here.