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Solving care business issues

How to solve care business issues

Within my presentation at the Care Skilled Live event in London, one of the slides I took delegates through how to solve care business issues.  There is without doubt, a massive opportunity for care businesses to thrive. However, in my experience of working with care businesses there are key areas that, if they worked on them, would have a massively positive impact on their businesses. I’ve outlined these below.


If you are still reliant on council contracts for your revenues then this is going to be increasingly difficult for you in the future.  I honestly don’t know how any care business will survive if this is their strategy.  If you think attracting private clients is not something you can achieve then think again.  There is a magic formula you can use that applies to every business globally.  This magic formula is, create a product or service that you think people will want to buy, then find the people who may want to buy that product or service.  Once you’ve done that you need to package that into a service that looks and feels like a lovely gift wrapped box.  This gift wrapped box (i.e. storyboard, marketing, website) expains to their potential clients what problem you can solve for them.  Finally, you then need a strategy of telling people about it, what, where and how.  This is really easy to implement and will future proof your care business. More about our services here

Shortage of care professionals

If I was to tell you there wasn’t a shortage of care professionals what would you say?  In my experience when looking into the recruitment process of care businesses, what I’ve found is that their recruitment process is actually to blame, not the lack of candidates. 

For example

– recruiters only phoning candidates to arrange an interview during the day

– Not attempting to contact them more than three times

– Expecting them to complete 8 page application forms

The list goes on and on. My advice would be to really look at your process and how effective it is.  Put performance indicators in for your recruiter.  Have a strategy of community care networking that targets people who are not actively looking for work but would make great care professionals.  Then have a strategy to retain them. There is lots you can do here that would really help you attract and retain the best people to your business. 

Lack of innovation

There is real lack of innovation in care businesses and this I believe, is down to the drama that goes on every day.  This causes issues because there will always be dramas because of the nature of the business, therefore, you have to think of ways to run your business without the drama.  Having a time in your day that focuses on strategy, where the drama is not allowed to be discussed, is essential for every business.  Also having a strategy to spend time to think about how you can improve as a business.  For example what new technology is out there, discovering new and efficient ways of working, attending networking events, seeing what you can learn from other sectors, joining business groups are all ways you can continue to develop as a business. Also how can you develop your service proposition to stand out from the crowd.  There has never been a better time to think differently.  Care package solutions, where you package a service and offer a monthly fixed cost to clients is something I have been taking the attendees at Care Skilled through.  This is a really innovative way of working for care businesses and is proving to work very effectively.  

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