Research and guidance for care businesses

1. Forward and Introduction

This research guidance for care businesses has been produced by myself as an independent care business consultant. The decision to compile this report came from the realisation that the care sector I had been involved in (working within Home Instead) was not reflective of the wider care sector.   With Home Instead having nearly a quarter of its network being rated as “Outstanding” or equivalent, the franchise businesses have made significant strides forward in meeting the network’s mission to “change the face of ageing”.   Home Instead operate a values led business and have invested heavily in leadership, CAREGiver recruitment and retention, as well as encouraging owners to share best practice. 

In the wider care sector, below are the areas that many are struggling with:

  • Good leadership practices
  • Profitability
  • Recruitment and retention (employee engagement)

The care sector is going through a period of transition with significant opportunities to thrive in the future.  From the perspective of someone who has seen how to deliver an outstanding service, together with experiences of similar changes in financial services, it is worthwhile considering how those experiences can enable the care sector to benefit. 

Please note this report concentrates on the care needs of the elderly, not on adult social care as a whole.

 “As the population continues to age, demand for care will increase and the types of care needed will change. The ONS predicts a 36% growth in persons aged 85+ between 2015 and 2025, from 1.5 million to 2 million.”  (Office of National Statistics)

As part of conducting this research I have found many articles that outline what the problems are, but not how to solve them.  The reason for writing this report was to provide helpful guidance on how to prepare for the future if you are a care business whose business focuses on caring for the elderly. 

My Experience – As an expert in the care sector on client segmentation, service proposition, employee engagement, leadership and coaching, I have also been part of a programme that transitioned over 400 financial advisory businesses in the UK, pre and post the Retail Distribution Review.  Additionally, I have spoken on business transition at the Convention of Independent Financial Advisers in Monaco in 2014 and 2015, as well as consulted with Australian and South African government bodies on regulatory and business change.  Therefore, I am setting out here the structure and change management process care businesses need to go through to make that change happen.

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