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Attract Private Clients

Redefine care to attract private clients

Do we need to redefine the word care?

The word ‘care’, implies that anyone needing it, is vulnerable in some way. The feeling of vulnerability is not an empowering one.  Right from birth, humans strive to be independent not vulnerable, whether they are able- bodied or not.

When I look at a care provider’s website, I will often see images of old people, being cared for. A sweet old lady image.  I can absolutely assure you, those images will not relate to anyone finding themselves of a certain age.

We have to put ourselves in their heads, imagine how they are feeling and thinking.  Most will not be thinking “I need care”. 

Many will be thinking:

“I just need a bit of help with…….”

 “Meal- times are not the same for me since my husband/wife/partner died”

“I get a bit lonely sometimes, I haven’t got many people I can talk to as many of my friends have died and my family are busy”

“It’s been a long time since I laughed, I could really do with some fun!”

That is why we need to talk a different language, one that is positive e.g. independence, enhance, support, enable, wellbeing, home-cooking and of course have fun!

There are so many people that need support to have more enriched, independent and fulfilled lives.

Do you want to know how to create services that attracts private clients? Services that have been redefined with those clients in mind?

I have implemented care package solutions with a number of clients that are particularly focused on attracting private clients. These are packages that are paid monthly so not hour by hour care. They benefit not only the clients but the wellbeing specialists aka “carer” too. As well, of course, enable care businesses to be much more sustainable.  It is a proven solution within the home care sector.

One of my clients sold four last week! Find out more here or get in touch on 01492 550401.