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Recruitment and Retention Process – Just show me what to do!

Do you know how much information is out there on this?

Recently there has been a raft of some great information on recruiting people to the care sector. Many businesses I’ve worked with on their recruitment and retention process have said “just show me what to do”.   If you want to look at your recruitment strategy and get advice on what works, I would highly recommend reading Neil Eastwood’s Saving Social Care which can be found here.  Skills for Care have also created a great resource on their website page.  The link is here .  Within the cost calculator, where they have provided an example, you can calculate the cost of your recruitment process and how much you could save.  In their example is states this  “Implementing recruitment strategies to help them to reduce staff turnover from an average of six staff per year to two staff per year, would save them £14,500 annually and over £70,000 over five years.”  

Really valuable isn't it but do you just want to be shown how?

Employee journey recruit and retain

The 9 step proven recruitment and retention process will give your business a bespoke solution that is easy to use saving you time, energy and very importantly, money.  This guarantees to take the stress out of your recruitment process and will enable you to spend time and resource in other areas.

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