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Recruitment essentials for Home Care businesses

I am having lots of conversations about recruitment at the moment. It is undoubtedly becoming more difficult to recruit the best people to any business, not just care businesses.

What is absolutely key is to recognise that the recruitment process is your opportunity to make the person feel how you want them to feel about your business brand. This means you need to have a business that is based on values. If you have a values-based business it becomes much easier to attract like-minded people.

Key considerations-

1. Create an employer Brand

This means having a strategy and plan to consistently show up as a positive brand. If you haven’t subscribed to the paid version of Canva then I would definitely recommend it. This is very easy to use and enables you to create consistent social media content. Having your values within your recruitment adverts is a must for you to implement.

2. Learn from what other sectors are doing

The brand here is a financial services business. Financial services has generally struggled to attract great people to it. They have learnt a lot about having great processes of which care businesses can implement. How does someone feel when they see “Awesome people, dazzling futures?” and “Smooth, Swift and transparent, that’s our application process”. I’ll tell you how it makes them feel. They feel like they want to apply. This means you stand out from the crowded job adverts.

3. Make the process easy

This means no long applications forms. Just a one page basic data capture form of essentials that you need them to have. You can train people skills but it is much harder to train values. This is why including things like “we are looking for kind, caring people who want to make a difference in their local community” is essential. If they come in for the interview they can complete the longer form then.

4. Have a 12-week induction plan

We know that, particularly in home care, the first 12 weeks is critical if you want to retain the people you’ve worked so hard to hire. Ensuring you have people who are responsible for providing support to new recruits is key. You can do this by buddying or mentoring.

5. Invest in a good website

Your website is the gateway to successful leads. People will check you out and if you look dated and the text is difficult to read then you could lose those applicants.

If you want to find out more there is a 20 minute “How to create a great employer brand here”.

If you want to know how Thoughts Become Things can help you to implement a great recruitment process for your home care business, book in today for no obligation chat here.