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Recruiting care workers

Recruiting care workers

If you’re a care provider recruiting care workers is normally very difficult but have you started to receive enquiries from people looking for work?

My clients have certainly seen a significant increase. There has never been a better time than now to attract, recruit and retain great professional carers. This is a long game as we know what is happening will pass but you want to future proof your business for the long term right?

Through these unprecedented times you now have a window of opportunity to recruit the very best to your business. People are actively looking to help and work in care.

If you want to ensure your business maximises this potential we can help with the following:

– Bespoke recruitment adverts using social media and local marketing campaigns to attract the best people to your business

– Values based recruitment processes

– Employment journeys – this enables each professional carer to have a development plan that will help you to retain those carers.

Get in touch today to find out how you can maximise the potential for recruiting care workers to your businesss. Call for an initial free telephone consultation on 01492 550401 or email

Or read our case study here to find out more on employment journeys and what I did for Home Instead

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