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What is the right client mix for private paying and socially funded clients?

I’ve been having some discussions with clients recently as to what is the right mix of private and socially funded clients.

One has told me they were glad they had socially funded clients because if they’d just had companionship clients then their income would have dropped considerably.  This is of course, undoubtedly true. There has indeed been a massive drop-off of companionship clients. This is down to them not having the opportunity to go shopping or other social activities. BUT and it is a big but and I am going to be really honest now.   This isn’t about private vs socially funded clients, this is about having a viable and highly valued service. 

So what is the ‘real’ problem?

The problem stems from the labels that have been used within the care sector. Companionship, home help and personal care services are tasks.  These labels have been really unhelpful. They are no use when you are designing a holistic and values based service that puts the clients needs at the heart of it. 

In addition to the above it has limited our capacity to be innovative and creative. We’ve been trying to fit the services we provide into these boxes that don’t fit into the future of care.

The answer to whether as to whether you need private paying clients or socially funded clients, therefore, is this. Future proof your business so it doesn’t matter. Every service you deliver should make a profit. If you don’t have a viable business you don’t have a business. Charities and health boards operate the same as private businesses. They all need to make a profit but somehow it is frowned upon in the care sector. This has to change.

Create a service that sits outside of the labels.  A service that puts the client’s wellbeing at the centre of it.  The whole care journey needs to be considered and reviewed. to ensure it is future proof. Review who is involved in the journey, how you will support them, and add value, is all part of the process.

I’ve been working with clients to create those care packages to attract private paying clients and it’s working so much better now.  They are more profitable and deliver a holisitic and valued service to the client. If you want to know how to do this then click here. Or better still book on to the business strategy webinar on the 2nd July where I’ll be telling you more about it.