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Individual perspectives to attract private clients

Personalising processes for franchises to attract private clients

We don’t all want to network do we? Some of us are indeed, much better than others and that is a fact. Many of us will put it off and “do something much less boring instead.” You have to be of a certain age to appreciate that one! However, if you are trying to build a business and attract private clients, then you have to put yourself out there. You need to do this whole heartedly, with passion, otherwise those clients will never find you.

Want to know why?

We are all unique with our own set of strengths and areas that we need to improve on. We have different types of personality, our own experiences as we’ve become adults affect who we are. Some of us are naturally introverted and some are naturally extraverted. This makes it difficult when it comes to building processes for franchises as they often don’t take this into consideration. They need to be personlised to suit individuals

How do you tailor support to suit franchisees strengths?

As an example of this, if you look at the image in this post, you will see that all component parts that are relevant to client acquisition. You need to do all of them to be really successful. However, walking into a room of people at a networking event can be really daunting for some. You have to find ways to build confidence. It is much easier to go into community groups, armed with helpful tools. For example helping people navigating through the care system, scam awareness and dementia talks. People who are not natural networkers need to build confidence in their abilities as an entrepreneur. By building these relationships through altruistic ways helps massively. Once they have built their relationships in this regard it then makes it much easier for them to network on a wider scale. This is why personalising processes for franchises is so important

The service we provide

  • Review your current processes and procedures
  • Provide a gap analysis
  • Provide you with the templates you need to suit individual skills and attributes. We personalise your processes for individual franchisees.
  • Provide you with specific training if needed

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