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New Models of Care are here!

New Models of Home Care are here

There is a lot going on in home care at the moment with new models of care coming into the arena. The importance of changing and adapting is critical to ensure the many people that need care continue to be able to access the care they need. With that comes disruption in some areas and will impact on many home care businesses.

Some of those areas are highlighted below.

1. More home care companies closing due to lack of profitability brought about by poor local authority pay rates. This unfortunately means they are no longer viable businesses. Care businesses cannot make money if they only receive £15 per hour from local authorities

2. The above point is a biggie as the demand for home care is increasing, particularly live-in care. Also with COVID still very much a part of our daily lives people are concerned about putting their loved ones in a care home.

3. The traditional model of home care via a care provider will continue to have it’s place but will move towards private paying/self-funded clients. Currently the average rate is no more than 50% private clients. Home care providers are changing though and I have certainly been speaking to the ones who are looking at attracting private clients

4. New models of home care are coming into play. New models that by-pass the home care company and act as an intermediary to provide self-employed carers with clients. I know of three who are out there doing this and making it work.

Now many traditional home care providers may feel that this is a bad thing or will impact them negatively. I do not believe this will be the case. The care sector needed to adapt if it was going to survive and it is doing. There is enough space for all and competition is healthy.

My message, however, is that it is more important than ever for traditional home care providers to articulate their value through client propositions. If you would like help to achieve this then please take a look here or call 01492 550401.