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Old v New Model of Care

Care is changing – Old v New Model

There is definitely change going on right now in the care sector. Care is transitioning from an Old Model to a New Model of care but it is a slow process

Yesterday I completed a large project for a client researching the care sector. My overriding conclusion is that many are still operating an old style model, particularly in relation to language used and services offered.

There are two businesses that stood out for me in terms of what they are offering in comparison to others. One is a care village & the other is a smallish home care business. The care village has managed to utilise their care homes. To attract the wider community to it they have created a Bistro and Venue. You can clearly see that the company is values-led. This is articulated on the website and the experience feels warm, professional & reassuring.

The home care company looks to have implemented person- centred services and uses assistive technology as a core service. They, again, are values-led. The values have been clearly articulated on their website. They refer to the importance of having a great culture.

When people are looking for care, it is often done as a stress purchase. They are feeling emotional. Your website is a great opportunity to make those people feel reassured that their loved one is going to be cared for like a family member. That you will offer a service totally focused on their well-being.

What 4 changes can you make today to change from an old model to a new model?

  1. Review your website – Change the language you use from service users to clients, carers to Caregivers or professional carers. Take away the medical terms e.g. stoma, PEG, personal hygiene.
  2. Review your services – Create a service proposition that isn’t a task e.g. change personal care and Dementia care to something that is meaningful i.e. health & well-being, supporting independence.
  3. People who are old generally do not feel old. Tell them how much fun they will have and how much independence they could gain back by having your services.
  4. Case studies are important. They help potential clients resonate with them, so ensure you create stories about what benefits they would receive from being a client and put them on your website.

To find out more on how I can help you to change from and old model to a new model of care then contact me here, or call 01492 550401