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It’s a New Dawn and a New Day for home care!

The care sector is moving forward at a fast pace currently particularly in home care and there is definitely a new dawn, new day coming.  With the fall-out from COVID-19, care businesses are now looking at how to future-proof their business, to not only remain stable, but also to grow and thrive.

Many are talking about innovative technology solutions, but we also need to look at how to improve the way care is delivered through innovative care solutions.  As a starting point let us re-imagine home care services. 

The two main points to get across is what problem are we trying to solve and what does the solution look like.

1. What problem are we trying to solve?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates what we are trying to do for clients.  Most people want to live a fulfilled life, so how do we design services that cater for every stage.

Currently the options for purchasing a home care service are predominantly task-based e.g. home help, personal care, companionship, live-in care.  These terms mean nothing to the consumer/client of those services.

We need to change this time and task model to a service-led model, which takes into account the client journey from the start e.g. “who do I go to”, to the end “who will help us now”.  When people look for care it is often at a time when families are stressed, worried, confused and fearful as to what to expect from a care service. Care businesses need to take those pain points away from the client. 

So what do care businesses need to change?

  • Change the language. This means removing home help, personal care, companionship. It needs to change to something that is specific to your clients wants, dreams, hopes and desires.  These need to be tailored to suit your particular client base.  For example, most old people do not consider themselves to be old or necessarily vulnerable.  They might say to themselves “I need a bit of help to get dressed” or “I’m a bit lonely and could do with some company”.  Clients want to feel empowered and supported.  They want to live as independently as possible.  You need to bespoke the service for this type of client base and call it something that captures the essence of it e.g. “My life, My way”, “Living my best life” service.
  • Change the imagery. Many care businesses have images with old & frail people.  Many clients would not recognise themselves in this case.  Show images that are of people having fun.  This is how they want to feel!  I personally feel these should be authentic and have an actual client and professional carer from your business on there.
  • Use technology – This is a massive growth area in the new dawn in home care and is being used by a number of local authorities too.  In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs this covers the basics of physiological and safety needs.  As a minimum think about offering a 24-hr telecare service for clients.  This provides such reassurance for clients and particularly their families. Additionally, sensors to detect movement, hydration and temperature can also help clients avoid hospitalisation, which is a great outcome for clients and their families.

2. What is the solution?

Once care businesses have moved away from time and task care it means they can move away from charging hours of care.  I have been implementing client solutions for the care businesses I work with. These services implement all of the above but are paid for monthly by the clients. 

It includes:

  • Creating a client journey for your client base
  • Creating new services to include:
    • Nutritional support and guidance. This is the one area that really concerns the loved ones of those who are looking for care but most care businesses don’t mention this.
    • Provide links to independent care consultants who can help clients understand the care process. These experts can help with Power of attorney, financial advisers (SOLLA accredited), wills, occupational therapists, direct payments, continuing healthcare, funding support, attendance allowance, top ups.  The list is long as it is a complex area.  Point potential clients in the right direction and it could save individuals and their families considerable expense.  It sets you on the right path of being the expert in care
    • At the end of the client journey when a client dies or goes into a care home, there is often a sense of abandonment from families who suddenly have no-one to care for them.  Creating a service that supports families when this happens e.g. links to recommended care homes, recommended funeral directors, bereavement support, charities that will take away equipment from the home that is no longer needed.

The benefits of providing a monthly fee-paying service are below:

  • Provides stable income to your business
  • It enables care businesses to pay their care professionals if there are cancellations at short notice
  • It means you can offer contracts to care professionals
  • Clients’ and their families like it because it is a fixed monthly cost
  • Your Invoicing and scheduling is much simpler and easier to manage
  • It means you don’t have a cost conversation with clients. They see it as a valued service, rather than a unit of care

Are you ready for the new dawn in home care?

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