Mock Inspections, financial viability and politics

Mock inspections are common place and are available to buy from a number of providers. 

As part of CQC regulation, financial viability is something that is increasingly becoming a subject of interest.

“the service provider must take all reasonable steps to carry on the regulated activity in such a manner as to ensure the financial viability of the carrying on of that activity for the purposes of—

a.       achieving the aims and objectives set out in the statement of purpose”

The political landscape, at present, is someone tenuous.  We really don’t know what is going to happen in the next few months or even years.  Social care is on the agenda but we have no idea what the shape of that will look like

The question I would like to pose is “What would your care business look like without a regulatory body and without politics having any influence on it?

Just think about that for a moment ……….

Having experience of not only care businesses I also spent 18 years in financial services taking them through regulatory and political change, and do you know something?  It was exactly the same.

How you stop worrying about regulatory and political influence is to run your care business as a business.

Proof that this model works is Home Instead, where I spent 3 years as a business performance manager.  Home Instead work on the same model that was replicated within financial services when there was significant regulatory and political change going on in that sector prior to 2012.  

Model for a successful business looks like this:

1. Start with your values (this will drive your culture), your vision and your mission

2. Understand your numbers, profit and loss, financial forecasts

3. Know who your ideal client is, how you are going to attract them and then market to them. Don’t rely on social care contracts or any other large contract to sustain your business

4. Know who your ideal employee is, how you are going to attract them and then market to them

5. Invest in technology that is going to help your business, really understand what’s out there.

6. Put policies and procedure in place

7. Be prepared to evolve as you grow, what you need in the early days of your business is different to what you need later. 

8.. Don’t be afraid of change, change is good and will keep your business sustainable.

By going through the above it won’t matter what regulation comes your way or what politicians come up with. 

There has never been a better time to be a care business. 

If you would like to future proof your business then I’d be very happy to discuss how you do that.  Want to find out more?  Call 01492 550401 or visit