Why and how to put Maslow at the heart of your care business

If you want a simple structure that helps you to attract private clients, professional carers and also benefits your systems and processes then Maslow is probably the best and simplest framework to use. Click here to view. Below is a complete approach to do this.

Lets’s look at this in more detail

Attracting Professional Carers

If care is to be seen as a profession people aspire to be part of then Maslow helps with this. By painting a picture for professional carers as to why this is such a great profession, the opportunities it can lead to, as well as providing a decent wage will go someway to achieving this goal What does that look like? Through implementing employee journeys that have in-built processes that will ensure every professional carer feels supported in their role. By ensuring you are a values based business which rewards and recognises individuals and provides a career pathway is key. Referring to Maslow from recruitment to employees leaving is part of that process.

Attracting Private Clients

Private clients expectations are higher than local authority clients. Socially funded clients are mainly provided with time and task care, so therefore the minimum they need. Within Maslow this would be Physiological, Safety and perhaps Social needs. Private clients, however, are looking to achieve more. They want to achieve self-esteem and self actualisation. This is why you need to differentiate what you do. You do this by creating client propositions that are specifically targeted to their wants, hopes and desires. You can’t achieve Self-esteem and self-actualisation through tasks that someone else performs for you. Maslow works really well for this.

Assistive Technology to improve lives

Every home care provider needs to recognise the time is now to implement assistive technology into their clients’ homes. This can help with every aspect of a client’s day to day life in so many ways, from preventing hospitalisation to decreasing social isolation. The image on assistive technology looks at how this can also link in to CQC’s KLOE’s. From a regulators perspective this has to be a massive positive for you when they come to assess what you do for clients.

I am working with home care businesses and have successfully implemented all aspects of the above. Do you want to know more on how to implement this approach into your care business? Click here to find out more or book a discovery call here.