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Managing conflict effectively

People think conflict is a bad thing to happen but in order to progress and thrive as a business you need to have a certain amount of conflict to manage conflict effectively  It is how you deal with that conflict that really makes the difference.  If you avoid conflict or feel uncomfortable when having conflict conversations, then it’s never going to work.  By changing your mindset and the mindset of people within your organisation; By turning conflict into a positive and giving people the skills they need to deal with this effectively will have a massively positive impact.

Why does conflict happen?

  • The majority of conflict happens because of lack of communication or miscommunication
  • Ineffective leadership (this links to communication)
  • People don’t have the skills to deal with conflict so it often escalates to crisis point
  • The majority of people in care, are caring.  This means they aren’t comfortable in having direct, honest conversations

How can you make it easy to deal with conflict?

  • The one important change you can make within your business to get people to trust you as a leader. Without trust you can never have positive conflict.
  • To gain trust you have to give people the chance to feedback about you, your business and your leadership.  Your ego needs to stay home for this. 
  • Create the values you want to have in your business
  • Implement those values so they are embedded.  You need them everywhere, the walls, in the appraisal process. Everyone should be able to not only tell you the values of the business but believe in those values.

If you have all of that then managing conflict effectively is REALLY easy to do.  If someone then does something that doesn’t reflect the companies values you can say “Tell, when (insert whatever happened) how were you demonstrating the companies values”?

Most people will own up and accept that they didn’t and move on. However, another blog on how to deal with The Good, The Foolish and The Evil, may help when people don’t get and will never get your values. If you would like more information on how we can help you implement the above then give us a call on 01492 550401