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Magic Formula to attract private clients

Magic formula to attract private clients

When I receive an enquiry I always take prospective clients through the magic formula to attract private clients so they understand the basic formula they need to use to be successful.

If you want to attract private clients you have to really think about their wants, hopes, fears and wishes because their expectations are higher than socially funded clients. There are four parts to the magic formula.

1. Create a service

First of all you need to design or create a service that you think people might want. To do this you need to really understand the clients you want to attract. This takes time to do effectively but once done properly those clients will clearly know you are the right care business for them. Think about the problem you are trying to solve for them. Make sure you do some market research. Ask people what they want from a care service. Think about profitability here and attracting Caregivers. Paying living wage to attract the best people, means you need to make sure your charge out rate is sufficient. The aim should be a minimum of £25 per hour.

2. Create a client proposition

You then need to design a client proposition. This means creating avatars of your ideal clients from the research you conducted. When people call your homecare business because they want care for themselves or a loved one, it is often at a point of stress in their lives. Your client proposition should have identified exactly how you can help solve that problem. It should also include benefits of using your services e.g. how will your service enhance their lives. I would absolutely avoid jargon, make sure you use easy to understand language. Refer to them as clients not service users, Caregivers or Care Professionals rather than carers.

3. Package this to attract private clients

To sell the service to them you need to package it up in a way that is going to be attractive to them. Language is absolutely critical here. Many home care businesses use personal care, home help and companionship, these terms weren’t created to attract private clients. What people actually want are help with mum/dad to eat well, to support them to live a happier, healthier and more independent life, to take the pressure off the family carers. You need to articulate this within your service proposition. Creating a Storyboard can really help differentiate between you and your competition.

4. Tell those clients about your homecare business

You then need to find and tell those ideal clients about your business, and there are a number of ways of achieving this. Your community is the best place to reach your specific client base. Target the groups that potentially have those clients, or know who those clients are. Networking is by far the most successful route to attracting private clients. You need to become the go to expert in your local area. Pay per click via social media also works as does referral websites such as

If you follow the four steps of the magic formula above it will absolutely help you to attract private clients.

Want to know more?

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