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Local care business marketing

Beginning of a new year and I’m sure many of you have started to think about what you want to achieve in 2020. I seem to be having lots of question on marketing specifically how do local care business marketing, so thought I’d provide some tips of areas to help you.

  • First of all think about what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to attract private clients, more professional care employees, socially funded clients?  
  • Have a clear strategy as to what success would look like e.g. 3 new net clients per month or 3 new net care employees per month

I don’t know the type of person you are or what you want to achieve but from the businesses I’ve worked with, the above has been the one thing they aren’t clear on, and if you’re not clear on your strategy then it is really difficult to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

Once you’re clear on your goals then you can start breaking your local care business marketing down into small steps e.g. if it’s 3 net new clients how will you get them, where will they be, who knows them.

  • It is absolutely true that people buy from people. The biggest and well respected care providers provide support on helping each office to create a local presence.  Unless you have had to search for care for someone then it just doesn’t come into your radar.  It is a real opportunity to build this as not many care providers are doing this from a strategic viewpoint. 
  • If it’s private clients then you need to go into the community and make connections.  It is all about local networking and building this so you become the person they are most likely to recommend.  Your referral providers are your doctors, social worker, health professionals, pharmacists, florists, funeral directors, hairdressers, church groups, and many more.  Basically anyone who is likely to speak to clients or client families.  It’s tough out there but the more you do it the more you will get used to it.  Be prepared for rejection!  If it’s not something you want to spend time doing, many business I’ve worked with have employed community networkers.  If they are outgoing, love talking to people and are passionate about your business this can work really well.  They have to deliver results though and as a business owner you need to monitor this and give those people clear key performance indicators to ensure you keep them on track
  • You need to be able to offer the referral providers something in return.  What has worked best in the past has been offering specialist training on how to deal with certain conditions e.g. Dementia, Parkinsons, specific learning difficulties etc.  Basically whatever is specific to your client base or the clients you want to attract.
  • If it’s socially funded clients you need then speaking directly with social workers and other health care professionals and by providing training, as outlined above, it will help create a relationship with them.  
  • Think about terminology and language you use.  If you want to attract private clients then call them clients, not service users. If you want to attract care employees call them care professionals not carers.  
  • There are many different strands to marketing, the above is the community side but you also need to be doing this on social media  e.g. Facebook, Twitter, telling people not only about your services but also what you are doing in the local area.  CQC love initiatives around community involvement.  There are home care providers who are doing this really well which I’m happy to share. Email and I will forward them to you.
  • I’m not a specialist in online presence but I do work with a couple of social media gurus who are Tobi Ali-Usman from Smooth Digital and Joshua James from Social Media 92.  Both are experts in the health and social care field and will help you create content and build your online presence.  Websites are below.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help you build your local presence then give us a call today on 01492 550401