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Leadership in care perspectives

Leadership in care perspectives


It is so frustrating when you want your perspective to be right and then want to “educate” the other perspectives to see your point of view.

There has been a lot of “perspectives” in recent times. Everyone has a view on what they believe is right and wrong.

When you hear about crowds gathering or young people going to secret raves it can, and seems to have, evoked powerful emotions in some. I found myself uttering disapproval words in their direction. Very bad of me and I should know better. However, we’ve all struggled. I can’t imagine, how I would feel as a teenager, being locked up for over 3 months. I was always outside the house, never inside. I’m an introvert but if I was an extrovert, I’m sure I would be craving the company of others and want to be interacting socially.

Great leadership for me is when a person has the ability to put themselves in the other person’s view. Feel it, see it and experience it. Working together to understand and, dare I say, compromise, is a valuable exercise to move any situation forward.

Leadership in care can often be a challenge. The problem being a lot of people are required, in order to carry out the tasks that are needed. When you employ a lot of people, you have a lot of perspectives!

Leadership in care perspectives -Communication is key!

When I work with care providers the main reason problems occur is because of communication. It could be lack of communication, too much communcation, one sided communication but it always boils down to communication.

I help leaders build a framework where communication is no longer an issue. The results from this is a much nicer place to work, with happy and engaged employees. This has the outcome of much higher retention rates, which is so important if you are building a sustainable business.

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