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Leadership in care - Feedback model

Leadership in care – Receiving feedback

#fridaythoughts – As a leader/manager in care – Feedback – Love it or hate it?

Being a manager or leader in care can be tough and there is no tougher time than right now. The natural reaction to feedback is as per image below. I don’t know how you feel at the moment but I’ve certainly seen some really judgemental comments which has made think WOW, do people really want to voice that opinion! It’s really important to understand that this is based on fear and our own lack of being able to control the current situation. The first thing we do is look to blame others (I’ve even caught myself doing this and I know the theory behind it!). It is known as Attribution Theory error, which means we attribute blame to external factors, blame the other person rather than internal ones, blame ourselves.

Receiving feedback as a business owner or manager, when it isn’t necessarily positive can be a big challenge for us. BUT, if we just pause for a while & take the time to see the other person’s perspective and understand their view point, this has the opportunity of providing personal growth which can massively help your business grow or career. If you don’t want to ask people directly you can use Survey Monkey & send out as an anonymous questionnaire.

It can be hard to be vulnerable but in the words of Brene Brown “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity & change”. #care #cqc #feedback

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