Leadership in Care

A case study

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the problem:

This franchise had a growing number of franchisees, all of whom were at different levels of growth within their business journey.  What they found was there were key points where they would stop growing.   It seemed like they were stuck and couldn’t get over this hurdle.  This normally occurred at £50,000 and £75,000 pm revenues.  There were two main issues that seemed to be causing this problem as outlined below

  1. Client acquisition – Their net new clients per month were not growing (for more information on client acquisition click here)
  2. Care professional recruitment – the same issue was found with the number of net new care professionals (for more information on attracting and retaining care professionals click here)

We needed to find out what was going on.

We introduced a number of processes outlined below:-

  • A tracking system for calls where each call was monitored and recorded.
  • A review of their processes for care consultations and care professional recruitment

It resulted in highlighting the following:

  • The leaders of the business didn’t know these issues were happening because they hadn’t been tracking this effectively
  • There was a skills training need for client calls and converting them into sales
  • The process for care professionals recruitment and retention wasn’t effective

The reason why this happens is because the needs of a business changes and as such you need to have different skills if you want to grow.  The businesses simply didn’t have the skills they needed to make this happen which is why they couldn’t take the business to the next level


how we solved this:

This was largely a process issue, however, change management is something businesses don’t think to invest in. We were able to not only fix the process but also ensure that the new processes was embedded and tracked for success.

We developed three training courses that were designed specifically to solve the above issues.  They were –

    • How to be an effective and respected leader – This gave the business leaders the leadership skills they needed to be effective within their role, and ensure their teams were accountable in this changed environment.
    • Leadership and coaching skills for the office team – What we found was people had grown in their roles and been promoted but hadn’t been given the skills they needed to make that transition. We developed this course to create leaders within the management team so they could effectively manage through a coaching culture.
    • Consultative sales training – People in care ‘care’ very much about the work that they do. However, we know this means they aren’t comfortable with sales and find it hard to ‘sell’ a service that ideally they would give for free if they could. Consultative sales means you discover the needs of your client so it is person centred.  This is very much aligned to values of a care business which is why consultative sales is so effective.

the result:

Once we finished rolling out the training programs the feedback was amazing.  The business owners now felt empowered and were able to take the business to the next level.   It resulted in many of the franchisees achieving their next revenue goal. Many have also gone on to achieving Outstanding in Well-led.  The office staff felt they could now manage their teams more effectively and the people who were taking the sales calls were confident in managing those calls.

would you like those results for your business?


I have worked with Sue as our Business Coach since we bought the business a year ago. Through this period of massive learning, she has been a huge support. Sue is able to give just the right level of advice for a situation without overloading. She always responds quickly with excellent advice, every time. If you are looking for calm, knowledgeable, and practical support as you grow your business, look no further'
Mike Keig
Home Instead, Weston Super Mare
'The initial consultancy session gave me the clarity I needed to make some changes to my business. These few changes more than covered the consultancy fee but I always say the proof is in the pudding, which was amply demonstrated. In addition to making changes within the business, Sue also inspired me to move my personal qualifications forward & I achieved Chartered status within 2 ½ years of our initial consultation, which over the last 6 years has brought further tangible benefit to the business & a great deal of personal satisfaction'
Mark Curtis
Perry Appleton
'Susan is a supportive and talented coach who I wholeheartedly recommend. She has that rare combination of an extremely high EQ alongside a breadth of experience, training and insight that, combined, leads to great results for individuals and teams. Susan has a repertoire of effective styles, from supportive to directive, and is great working one-to-one and in seminars. I'm sure Susan will enable many teams and entrepreneurs to 'fly' with her pragmatic, proven and well-timed approach'
John Moore
Steadfast Care Limited, Bristol North

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