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Improve your franchisee relationships

Improve your franchisee relationships

Do you want to know how to improve your franchisee relationships? I’ve been working with a number of franchisors and there is a pattern emerging…….the franchisee perspective can be quite different to the franchisor perspective.  This can be a challenge, however, there are specific areas you can focus on to ensure your relationship remains positive.

I’ve outlined below a number of areas that might help you.

1. Individual differences

When you are recruiting a franchisee you should have an in-depth understanding of who that person is.  I personally would recommend 360 profiling which means they have to ask for feedback from people they know and trust.  You can then see the results of this feedback.  Strengthscope is one I would recommend.  Strenthscope, as the names suggests, focuses on people’s strengths which gives you an in depth understanding of how you can best support them.  If you decide to do this it is really important for the head office team to go through this process too. Having open, honest and collaborative relationships is the best way for teams to thrive.

2. Tailor the support

As an example, if you take networking, or worse still cold calling, is not going to make an introverted franchisee feel energised.  They will put it off and make any excuse not to do it.  Networking and cold-calling is however, an essential part to any business if they want to grow.  You have to promote yourself.  By tailoring the support to the individual and understanding what they would feel comfortable with is key.  As an example, an introverted person will feel more comfortable talking about a subject they are passionate about. Giving them the support they need to provide training so they are knowledgeable in areas such as dementia, will enable them to feel confident. They can then offer to provide dementia talks in the community e.g. Church groups, Schools and other community organisations.

3. Helping them through each business evolution phase

A start-up business is different to a business that is 5 years old. The support needs to be tailored to suit each stage. As an example when a franchise tries to go from a £500,000 business to a £1m business requires a big shift change in mind-set and structure. Having a strategy in place that includes coaching, training the office teams, implementing relevant systems and processes, as well as peer support helps them to achieve their goals. A win-win!

4. Communication

Effective communication is essential for a good partnership.  Do you know how your franchisees feel about you and the team that support them? If you do know, do you act on the feedback that you have?

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