How to grow your home care business

Growing your care business

I’m a big believer in being ahead of the game and looking at innovative ways of working in the home care market to grow your business  I’ve had several meetings with people in technology and whether you embrace technology or resistant to it, change is coming and it’s coming quicker than you might think.

Changes ahead

There is going to be some massive changes in terms of how we, as a country, look after our elderly population. People who need care now are, on the whole, not as comfortable with technology as the next generation of people needing care.  When the next generation do need care, having a robot helping them round the house is not going to be a big deal for them, me included as I am that next generation.  I need a robot now to help me open packaging that is unopenable!  I am absolutely not saying that robots will ever replace human interaction but AI will be able to deliver some of the needs.  It will enable people to remain in their own homes and living as independently as they possibly can.  Looking at these opportunities now will help you grow your home care business and that’s a good thing right? 

What can you do

Although robots are here now they are not perfect yet but they will be soon and it’s something every home care business should be looking at.  However, what is here, and being used now, is assistive technology e.g.  fall sensors and alarms to have in a person’s home.  So how can this help your home care business? The image in this post is part of a service that, as a home care company, you can start to think about now. Assistive technology can be bought off the shelf but by understanding how you can integrate this technology into your business as a service to clients, can help you build your client base to future proof your business long term. If you are sceptical as to how this will work, it’s already in place and working well.

Next steps

Do you want to work with a consultant who is forward thinking and knows how to implement a service like this within your business?

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