Home Care Report by Access Group

Very interesting read from Access Group.

The report focuses on home care & provides evidence that home care companies are managing to make a profit but margins are small. This is due to increased costs e.g. pensions, travel time etc.

The full report is here

Some highlights

– There is a correlation between age of care professional & outstanding.

– Higher invoice and pay rates suggests links to more outstanding

– Increased time spent with client indicates increase in outstanding

– retention rates are increased when more time is given to client

This all adds up and we know spending more time and providing quality care to clients means greater outcomes for clients but it comes at a cost. This cost is now rarely being met by social services, it is having to be met by families either by top up or fully funded.

There is a real dichotomy here isn't there

1. Do we accept that we will all have to pay for care as we grow older (I’m afraid I’ve already come to that conclusion and making plans!)

2. Do we pursue other ways e.g. increased NIC for ageing care or ring-fenced equity release. Any MP’s doing this @Caroline Dinenage?

3. Do we help home care companies to attract private clients?

Do you have any thoughts on this?  I would love to hear your views.  

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