Get people to do what excites them and make you more money!


Sound good? 

I’ll go through what I’ve done and how it can help your business in this blog.

I’ve discovered something very exciting this week, that at the age of 52, is pretty awesome!

I’ve learnt about my strengths, which have never really been discussed before in any one to one, in a way that would focus those strengths on productivity. My top strengths are empathy, compassion, courage and creativity. 

This week I’ve been through a Strengthscope® programme with @Hector Riva-Palicio of Helping Reach Potential, which, as it implies, looks at your natural strengths and how you use them in practice.  I now know because my strengths have been highlighted, which areas I want to focus on in my business.  Even down to identifying my niche area that I will now research so that I can market to any potential clients.

It’s also highlighted areas that really make me feel drained when I think about them.

I know I’ve never liked conflict, that is definitely not a strength (unless I have courage of my own convictions, then I come alive)!   I frustrate the hell out of people who are
more direct.  They can often view me in a negative way BUT I’ve allowed this to happen.  This isn’t their fault, it’s mine.  I now know why I react like that and more importantly I now know how to react in those situations. This is going to be life changing for me and I can’t wait to see what happens when I come up against conflict next.

So how can you use this in practice in your business?  By knowing and focusing on people’s strengths
it increases engagement, retention, productivity, reduces absenteeism,
increases sales and profit.  Need I say more, the figures speak for themselves.

I’m happy to chat this in more detail if you want to find out more on 01492 550401.