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Future Proof your Care Business

👉👉📣Announcement – How to future proof your care business workshop webinar👈👈

Very excited to be announcing these workshops. It is more important than ever to consider how to future proof your care business. What can you do now to ensure your business not only survives but also thrives? We have our expert panelists Joshua James Lucy, Heather Murray, Helen Butler, Simon Crowther, Sophie Coulthard and myself, who will be taking you through the sessions.

We will be covering 4 areas

Business Strategy

In this section we will cover 3 areas, you as thought leader, scaling your business and business planning

Risk Management

We will be going through how to understanding risk and how to managing risk in a regulatory environment. We will also be showing you best practice on corporate governance.


This session will take you through how to create a marketing plan, how to create engaging content and guidance around effective social media. This will help you to attract private clients and great employees.


Wellbeing in the work place as well as attracting, recruiting and retaining great people are very much at the front of every care business strategy. This section will take you through how to achieve results in these areas.

The sessions will run each week starting with Business Strategy on the Thursday 2nd July at 2pm for approximately one hour.

To register for any of these events click on the link here Details of what we will cover is outlined in the PDF.

To find out more on how Thoughts Become Things are helping care businesses thrive here

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