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Foundations to grow your care business

Foundations – What are they & why are they critical to grow your home care business

By the end of this article you will understand what you need to do to put the foundations in place to grow your care business, but I will take you through a bit of background first.  Over the last three years, and numerous years prior to that in paid employment, I have worked with many home care businesses helping them to grow. What successful, scalable businesses all have in common is having the right foundations in place, think franchises, this is what they do.  I know immediately when I walk into a reception area of a business whether they have the right foundations.  It is calm, orderly, quiet, welcoming and has a clear greeting process.

So why should you care about this or want to know more?

My main proposition is that I offer home care businesses a retainer service to attract private clients. (As a side note I spend £50 on Google ads and that is it. The reason why I come up top is because I have a marketing strategy that includes key words “attract private clients”, home care businesses need the same strategy.)   Home care businesses are now realising attracting private clients is the only route and viable option left to them, due to councils paying rates that are loss making for care businesses. There are huge opportunities in this space.

And you know what……. I receive enquiries from home care businesses who want to attract private clients because of my strategy. All’s well you would think, marketing strategy + attracting clients = happy homecare company.  A big UH UH sound please.  The problem is if you haven’t got your mission, vision and values, if you haven’t got a corporate governance structure, a business strategy and an operations strategy, then no amount of marketing is going to help because nothing will work in the way that it should. People won’t know why you’re asking them to change how you obtain clients, why they should care, or how they implement such a strategy. 

If you are thinking that attracting private clients is going to solve all your problems, then you may need a rethink. 

How do you identify if you have the right foundations in place?

If you want to know this for sure, then I am happy to forward a benchmarking assessment for you to complete if you email me direct here.

The benchmarking assessment is now my starting point for all clients I work with. This provides me with the information I need as to whether my service to attract private clients is actually going to work, and add value. 

To understand what the foundations are the click on the link here PowerPoint Presentation (

1. Your Vision, Mission, Values and Ethos

The above is vital to succeed and remain sustainable for the future. I will take you through my values so I can explain why they are so important.  My values are integrity, clarity and added value.  I call upon these values almost daily and they guide me to make the right decisions. As an example, I want every client to feel like I have added value to their business. If I feel I am not adding value, I openly ask the question to them. If they tell me that I’m not adding value, then we will stop whatever we are doing and either reassess or stop all together. This is really important to me and hopefully much fairer for clients. (It rarely happens by the way, but it has done, there was a reason for it, and it’s guided me).

2. Corporate Structure

Having a corporate structure means having an organisation chart as to who is doing what. Even a Start-Up should have one even though they wear all the hats of Managing Director, Finance Director, Operations Director, Sales and Marketing Director. Having job descriptions for each role is so useful in knowing what tasks you want to offload and when. They provide you with clear accountability and clear reporting.

3. Business Strategy

Many home care businesses don’t have a formal business strategy e.g. a business plan that is used as a working document, or a sales and marketing plan that is clearly defined.  By having these essential documents enables you to understand who you are trying to attract (clients and professional carers), if marketing is working or not working and enable you to know if there are changes that need to be made.

4. Operations Strategy

Operations with home care businesses tend to focus on what they have to do e.g. compliance, regulatory standards, learning and development.  They tend not to include the other areas that would add real value e.g. the softer side of how operational procedures can benefit the people who work for you. By this I mean employee journeys which will ensure you attract and retain the best people to your business.

There you go…..why foundations are so important.  If you want to find out more or still want to attract private clients to grow you care business, and now understand there is a process to achieve this, please book in a discovery call here.

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