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Essential blogging for care businesses

Why blogging is essential for your care business

Many care businesses ask me whether writing a blog works in terms of attracting private clients. The image provides some top tips for you to use. The best advice I can give is that blogging is essential in terms of your overall marketing strategy for your care business.

If you want to:

👉 engage with your audience
👉 be seen as an expert in your field
👉 drive traffic to your website

Many of the enquiries I receive are from care businesses looking for quick fixes. I am always honest, there are no quick fixes to attract private clients.

You can spend a great deal of money on trying to do just that but you need a sustained, targeted approach.

Blogging is part of that strategy. Below is an extract from a great post, link in the comments.

Your marketing strategy needs to include:

🔷️ Set goals and objectives
🔷️ Establishing your ideal client
🔷️ Designing your client proposition
🔷️ Build your brand
🔷️ Ensure your website and other marketing material is aligned
🔷️ Local networking and marketing activity
🔷️ SEO and PPC with tracking
🔷️ PR strategy
🔷️ Roles, responsibility and accountability action plan

Want to know more about how we help you achieve this?

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