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Employee engagement in care – What you do now will massively impact on your future business

Can you see your future? Looking ahead 6 months from now, the shops are reopening, the hotels, bars and restaurants are at last opening their doors. Where will your carers that you recruited be heading? Will they want to leave the care sector? Or will they feel so passionately about what they are doing, they really believe they have a great future career in care? Employee engagement in care is so important right now.

It is vital for the care sector to come into it’s own now. You have the power as leaders to build on the momentum of the current human capacity to care. It has been so inspiring hearing the remarkable stories of carers going out of their way to make a real difference to people’s lives. For the first time businesses are being inundated with people looking to work in care. That hasn’t happened before.

Having an employee engagement programme in place now is crucial in ensuring the people who have joined you, stay with you. So what can you put in place?

  • An induction process that ensures people are supported and cared for. This includes
    • Regular touchpoints e.g. phone calls from office staff to see how they are. Appraisals that are there to encourage and support professional care workers and to allow them to give feedback to you.
    • Recognition and reward schemes – Ensuring people feel valued and part of a team
  • A career path process
    • Having an employee journey specifically for care workers will enable them to see there is a great opportunity for them to have a career in care. There are many different strands to what is meant by “career” and you need to have a path for each one.
  • Team meetings
    • Having positive relationships within teams, we know has a huge impact on self esteem within individuals. Monthly or quarterly meetings that allow care workers to give feedback and contribute to the business can really help with engagement and retention. It also provides you with vital information.
  • Leadership & management training
    • Training people to be great leaders will make your job as a business owner or manager much easier.
    • People who work in care shy away from conflict. Having an open leadership culture is key to ensure your teams works effectively.

If you would like more information on how this can work in practice, then there are a couple of case studies here. Attract and retain case study and Leadership in care here.

Or if you would like to have a conversation on how to implement the above, please do get in touch on 01492 550401 or email