Yes I screwed up

Thank you for all the likes on my previous post.  Thought I’d better let you know how I got on.  I’d done really well with  rehearsing for the @natwestaccelerator program interview.  Bless the ladies from the #WIBNChester group who talked me through what I should say. Thank you so much for all your input. You’re all such a fantastic bunch of ladies.  I had a zoom call with my youngest son who’s great with these things and I thought I’d got it.  I could say all of the words in the right order, out loud with absolutely no problem at all.  So what happened!  I love training and presenting when I’m in control of my pace, however, if any of you are introverts and reflective thinkers, a real area that we are uncomfortable with is being timed. I have no idea what happens to my brain but I can only liken it to someone injecting a neuron scrambling drug into it! This noise just appears in my head.  As soon as I saw the phone timer being switched on my brain decided to ditch me. It was mush.  I couldn’t even remember my *BLEEP* mission statement for goodness sake!  How rubbish is that!  I also felt like I was too scripted which was never going to feel comfortable.  I’m more of an ad lib type of person and likes the freedom my own expression.

But hey ho, life goes on.  All I can say is that I was definitely genuine (ho ho).  I am so determined for my business to be a success  and I will get there.  I’ve made lots of mistakes in the past but I have learnt to be resilient.  If you are ever worried about public speaking just think of me.  Just go for it.  In the words of Susan Jeffers –  feel the fear and do it anyway.  I’ve been doing that since I was 16 and I’m hardcore resilient now.

To finish on a positive though I did meet some lovely people at the interview.  Some great businesses there who I hope will have the success they deserve. I’m so glad I went and put myself out there.  You always have to push yourself to achieve your potential and I’m proud of myself for doing this.  I’ve also had two client enquiries this week…Yay!

Happy Friday to you all.  Have a great weekend!

If you want to see my pitch then head to my youtube channel.  It’s a lot longer than 60 seconds but feels genuine and authentic.