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Do People Trust your Senior Management Team?

Senior Management trust facts and figures

Ensuring your senior management team is trusted is vital for the success of your business.  However there are some disturbing findings as to how low trust is within senior management teams

In research carried out by Virtual College, employees rated their trust in different roles in the following order:

Co-workers – 57 per cent

Managers – 45 per cent

Team members – 42 per cent

Senior management – 16 per cent 

This is shocking isn't it? So what can senior leaders do?

Communication is something that comes up time and time again. Building a culture that is open, honest and collaborative is a long haul process but it absolutely can be done.

If you want to improve trust I would encourage any business to think about 360 feedback.

Many people are frightened of hearing what other people really think of them. I understand this as it is a leap into the unknown. Once you have that information on how people perceive you it can’t be undone. It makes you vulnerable and that feels scary. It is, however, just a perspective and the beauty of having that perspective then allows you to change it (if needed). If you don’t know, how will you ever be the best you.  Remember you need to have a trusted senior management team.

The results of implementing this in a structured format with everyone involved will have a positive effect on engagement, empowerment, creativity and retention.  

What I have also seen in terms of what great looks like in businesses is the following

  • Having a hub on Facebook or an intranet that is for employees to share ideas and chat to different departments, as well as the Senior Leadership Team
  • Making sure the Senior Leadership Team have one day a week where their doors are open for people to come and chat to them or run specific sessions to encourage creativity and engagement and make sure it is acted upon it.

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