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5 ways to be CQC inspection ready

From my experience, care businesses who are rated Outstanding have put systems and processes in place to always be CQC inspection ready, announced or unannounced.  Below are 5 key areas that would enable your business to be prepared.

1. Your PIR

What is your reaction when you receive a PIR request?  If it is OMG I don’t need this now there’s too much going on, then you really need to review this.  Outstanding care businesses use the PIR framework to consistently monitor their service.  CQC provide an extremely comprehensive guide on what they are looking for, the link is here   Best practice I’ve seen is where this is a working document that is reviewed at least quarterly.  You should have access, at all times, for each moment in time, to the information that CQC require.  

2. Self-audit

In every care business things go wrong.  We are human and we make mistakes.  What CQC want to  know is a) There is a process in place that informs you if something goes wrong b) You evidence how you’ve put it right and what you’ve learnt from it.  If you regularly perform self-audits and take action to remedy any issues then this is great practice.  Additionally, if you want an Outstanding rating collect evidence within each KLOE as to how you’ve demonstrated this was Outstanding.

3. Create a great first impression

First impressions are so important.  Your reception area, your offices and how people are greeted, if done well, can have a positive impact on first impressions.  Does everyone know what to do if CQC should visit?  Is their clear processes to secure data within the office? Additionally if you want Outstanding they are looking at what you do to go above and beyond. Great practice I’ve seen is where care businesses have created a Dementia friendly room with furniture and colours that are known to calm people with Dementia. 

4. Keeping people informed

Having a process to keep everyone who is connected to your services informed is key, this includes CQC, clients, their families, employees and external professionals.  This definitely relates to all areas of the KLOE’s.  Great practice is where this is actively reviewed and data is evidenced and acted upon.

5. Use technology

There are so many providers of technology to choose from. This can have a massively positive impact on all areas of your care business.  Again, use the KLOE’s as your guide to ensure your technology is delivering in those areas.  Great practice would include evidence that everyone knows how to use your chosen system, they understand why they are using the system and the outcomes it produces, and are positive about your chosen system.

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