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Changing the way care is delivered to attract private clients

Changing the way home care is delivered

There is a real transition going on in the home care sector at present.  Can you feel it? The way home care is delivered is changing.

What is driving this change

  • Business profitability – home care businesses are realising that if they continue to take on clients through social services at lower rates, they cannot deliver that profitably
  • Expectations are rising – The focus on care in 2020 has never been so great.  There is more public awareness of care services and that leads to higher expectations.  Additionally, if care businesses want to attract private clients their expectations are higher than socially funded clients.
  • Minimum wage increase – With the increase in minimum wage there is a need to increase the cost of care.  This means clients need to understand the value of the service they are receiving.
  • Attracting professional carers to the sector – with the unfortunate increase in redundancies care businesses are working hard to recruit from different sectors but there is also the need to make sure they retain them.
  • Home care is becoming an increasingly popular choice – Due to COVID people are, understandably, concerned about their loved ones going into a care home.  The thought of not being able to see them is not something they want to go through.

So what does this mean for home care businesses and how can you adapt?

You need to be creative in how you provide services to clients.  You need to bin the old language used in service delivery such as home help, personal care, companionship and replace them with wellbeing, living your best life, maximising independence.  If you want to attract private clients and professional carers, then you need to design a service that is going to deliver on that.

Want to know what you need to do?

Here is the process:

  • Go through your client base and segment them into A, B’s, C’s and D’s.  A’s are your profitable clients and they have a great relationship with you.  B’s are profitable but they don’t quite have the relationship with you yet.  They could be new to your care service or may use other care providers for different aspects of their care.  C’s love what you do but they are not profitable.  D’s are not profitable and don’t have a relationship with you.  They are often the ones who, whatever you do for them, it’s never good enough.  Many care businesses spend a lot of time with D’s but my advice would be to cut your losses.  You can’t please all people, all of the time.
  • Create an avatar(s), no more than 3, for your A client.  This is a fictional client but you may base it on a client that you know well.
  • Create a client proposition that is specifically aimed at your Avatar(s).
  • Create a Storyboard
  • Conduct consultative sales training to equip your team with the skills then need.

All the above you can create for yourself, but if you want help to change the way care is delivered in your home care business, then we have already proven this model works.

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