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The Care Journey – A future ideal for private clients

Care in the UK is changing quickly, and it needs to. Many need to move towards attracting private clients in order to survive. How is your care business standing out from the competitors? Private clients expectations are higher than social services referral clients and that is why you need a different experience for them.

You need to be a little bit creative and there are many ways to be innovative in the care service you deliver that adds real value to clients.

Having a care journey for private clients to understand the value of your service can really help to attract them to your business. At present many home care companies look the same. If you have done a competitor analysis of companies recently, you will see everyone offers the same services. These often comprise of home help, companionship and personal care. These are however, all task based services they are not value based services. Private clients need to understand your value for the reasons highlighted above.

How do your clients feel?

People who are looking for care are emotional, it is indeed a stress purchase. What they want, and need, is a really easy to understand process they can grasp quickly. The image of a care journey here in this article is a future ideal for private clients. Below are areas that you may want to consider in terms of providing these services to clients.

1. Review your website, de-clutter it as much as you can and make it really simple for clients to understand. Ensure you have your What, How and Why on you home page. Make it clear why you are REALLY different to others out there. Think about the needs and wants of those potential clients. It’s not about tasks it is about feelings and emotions. How does your website tell them, if they come to you they will get expert help, support and a valued service?

2. The care system is an absolute mine-field when it comes to understanding what people are entitled to. My advice would be to do some research. There are care consultants out there that offer this which is very reasonable and has the potential to save clients a lot of money, even enough to pay for your service. One of those companies is Offering this, or a similar type of service would be really valuable

3. Does your service offer real value to clients? How do your services make clients feel? People buy through emotion so the more you promote your services through feelings the easier it will be for people to understand that value. Having client testimonials on your home page that tell potential clients the positive impact on the lives of those clients will really help.

4. Make sure you have the right people answering the calls for potential clients. Alse ensure that when a client enquiry does come in that your office environment is quiet. People sense if you are not completely focused on them. If you can, I would highly recommend recording these calls. You can then listen back and coach sales skills where necessary. Conversion rates are known to be an issue and there are reasons for this which are solvable.

5. Potential clients and their families want to know there is a continuous process of reviewing care needs. People need reassurance should their loved ones needs change. They want to know you have this covered.

6. When clients pass away this is, of course, really hard for families. From personal experience I know, we as a family felt really abandoned once my mum had passed away. The care stopped and we had all this equipment we didn’t know what to do with. We didn’t know which funeral director to use. Having a process that provides details of where they can go for support, as part of your service, would be really valuable and seen as supportive.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information on attracting private clients to your care business then click here. You can book in a discovery call any Monday or Friday to find out how the process works. Or email us direct.