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Care Business Recruitment Process – not a problem?

"I don't have a recruitment process problem"....

.. is not a sentence I hear coming from care business owners

I’ve been doing some research for a client to gauge how common this is. I’ve looked on 20 care business websites and only 2 had, what looks to be like, a good recruitment process. This implies that many with care businesses will have a recruitment process problem.

Ensuring your care business has a good recruitment process is vital.  If you are struggling with recruitment please, please stop asking care professionals to complete 8 page application forms, today if possible! I know the arguments all too well, “if they want a job with us they need to make the effort to complete the form” or “we have to get this information to comply with regulation”.

What can you do?

  I promise you if you get rid of the forms and have a very short application with basic details, name, address, email, mobile number, then aim to do a short telephone call (I’ll cover this below), you’ll get better results.

The best tip I can give is to text message any applicants and ask them when is best to be contacted. Don’t try and phone, texting is much easier and you’ll get better responses.

When you call only spend a max of 10 mins then, if okay, invite them for an interview. Some care businesses get a group in for an initial, find-out-about-the-company. They can complete the application form then.  It’s so important to get a feel for who they are as a person.  Will they fit into your business and match the values of the team?

If you would like to know more about how I can help solve your care business recruitment problem, then please do contact me. or give me a call on 01492 550401