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Amazing care evolution

The amazing care evolution

WOW, WOW and WOW again…… we are absolutely on the brink of an amazing evolution in care.  This week I have been speaking to technology providers who are doing some amazing things that will enhance the lives of our elderly population.  I will be taking this further in the next few weeks so the clients I work with can benefit from these new innovations. 

So it's all good then?

Not quite!  I’ve spent some time with a client this week who absolutely wants to take their business to the next level and has great plans for the future and they will absolutely thrive because they have the right mindset.  They get it.

However, I’ve also spoken to two other care businesses who just don’t get it and absolutely do not feel the need to adapt their business for the future.  These businesses will not survive.  Home care is changing at such a rapid rate, even in the last three months there have been so many new innovations that I can barely keep up.

Why do some adapt and some don't?

This is a constant question that I ask myself when I come across businesses who don’t want to change.  From my experience it often has to do with insecurities within themselves.  For example if you aren’t a strong leader in the business you will find it hard to bring people along with you.  If you like the drama of the day to day then you are unlikely to want to spend time on strategy.  There is absolutely nothing I can do about that and as much as I am passionate about #raisingthebarincare, sometimes I have to walk away defeated because those type of people will never be comfortable with change.


Are you one of those who is so excited about the care sector and wake up every day thinking what is the best way to support my clients?

If your answer was “yes, that’s me”, well you know what, you are going  to not on survive but thrive in the next few years.  You are part of the amazing care evolution and I’m right there with you.  Myself and Helen Butler have some exciting news that we will be sharing in the next coming weeks.  We are completely commited to helping care business go beyond outstanding and are changing the way care businesses are supported in the future.