Calling all humans, come in humans

This isn’t a business post but it is a humankind post.  

Is anyone else really concerned about the planet? On Earth Day I thought I’d test the waters and see how much interest there is out there to save our beautiful world.  

So what’s the problem?

I know people, including me, think they’re doing their bit to help the environment but we need a much more combined approach. Like David Attenborough says, we need to act now to change. I’m a little minion with no direct contacts to people of influence e.g. tech giants or politicians but I’m hoping someone with influence will read this and get involved in creating the technology that’s needed. We know we need to be more energy efficient in business but I think to a certain extent we all are doing exactly what David Attenborough says, being in the here and now but I think that’s because we don’t know what impact we, as individuals have.

For example if I eat meat but reduce it to 1 portion each week, what impact will that have. If I buy an electric car what difference will that make. If you want to know how to do this on a general basis there is a link here I was surprised at how high my carbon footprint. This is despite us recycling everything, shopping for local produce, only flying to Ireland once in 12 months on business, and I do few miles in my cars. This does however, need more detail.

I want to know what my carbon footprint is but more importantly how I can reduce and offset it. I know if I reduce meat intake, travel less, use less plastic but I have no idea what impact that has. As much as I would like an electric car I can’t afford to buy one at the moment. I take public transport where I can.

So what will help?

I thought to myself, surely there is an app out there that will tell me what that is and yes there’s a few apps but not one that does this for us in the UK I can see that’s any good. In the US they have one called Oroeco which looks good but it doesn’t have any UK data in there so there are no measurement. I can’t find another one like this in the UK. If there is please let me know.

Without questions, this data is out there. The UK government has much of it and Google most certainly has much of this too.

So what data should it include?

Household energy consumption – easy to get by reading your bill.

Travel – how many miles do you fly per year, what car do you drive, how many miles, if you walk, use tram, trains or bikes?

Food – what we eat, where from local? national? international? how often, organic?

Water – our household water consumption, bottled water consumption? The WWF calculator didn’t include water.

Once we have this we could then do this for businesses, Do businesses understand the impact of travelling to and from work. How much waste do they produce? Are they incentivising car shares, electric vehicles, flexible working and virtual meetings?

Governments should publicise their carbon footprint, wouldn’t that be interesting?

Really hope someone will come back to me and tell me that this technology is here or it’s nearly here.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter Monday from Thoughts Become Things Coaching and Consulting!