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Benefits of attracting private clients

Innovation – The benefits of attracting private clients

There are a number of benefits of attracting private clients. Innovation isn’t just about technology in home care, there are indeed other ways we can look at how care is delivered. We are currently re-imagining home care in the UK and it is very exciting.

By reviewing how we can improve, as well as looking at innovative ways of delivering a valued service offered to clients, brings new ways of working.

I am nearly at completion of implementing a solution for care providers to offer packages of care with two franchises. This is a proven model that has been working in home care businesses for over two years.

The image within this article highlights the benefits of this service with more information on them below.

  • Provides stable income to your business
  • Private clients find it attractive as it provides much more than the hour of care
  • It enables care businesses to pay their care professionals if there are cancellations at short notice
  • It means you can offer contracts to care professionals
  • Clients’ and their families like it because it is a fixed monthly cost
  • Invoicing and scheduling simplification
  • Clients don’t have a cost conversation with you as it is seen as a valued service, rather than a unit of care

If you want to find out more on the benefits of attracting private clients then read our case study here, or email here.