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Be the best care business

As a care business – What can you be the best at?

If you are wondering:

a) how you stand out from the competition and

b) how to attract private clients

then this is going to be relevant for you.

I delivered a future-proof workshop yesterday on Business Strategy. One of the topics was understanding your vision, mission and values.  Before that though, there is something that every business needs to go through if you are aspiring to be a great business which is fundamental to success.  This comes from the book by Jim Collins Good to Great. The book states that in order to great you need to:

  • be the best at whatever it is you do
  • be passionate about it
  • make it financially successful. 

When I first read this book I wasn’t running my own business at the time so I didn’t quite get the “What you can be the best at”.  In a world where it is hard to stand out from a crowded market, it is vital that you understand the meaning of that statement.

If you are a care business, consultancy, financial planning business then what can you be the best at?

I have really thought about this for my business. What I can be the best at, is being the most forward-thinking care consultancy in the UK.  I know how to do that; I am passionate about it and it provides me with the income I need.  

Once you know what you can be the best at then it forms everything that you do from there on in. It will give you your vision, your mission and your values. As an example if you take Home Instead, they have used the advice of Jim Collins and what they set out to be the best was to be the most admired care company. That is a great goal and aspiration, and yes they have absolutely achieved this.

It might take some time for you to reflect and get to the heart of this but I promise you, once you have done it you will be on the road to being a great business. I am passionate about changing the care sector. I use my experience from other sectors and make it relevant and useful for the clients I work with.

If you are a forward thinking care business that wants to stand out from the crowd, then I am very happy to have a chat. To book a discovery call click here. Or call 01492 550401.