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attract private home care clients

Why and how to deliver an outstanding experience to attract private home care clients

I will explain the above within this blog post, but first, let’s look at what actually happens when you set up a home care company.

When you set up your home care business what did you believe would happen?

  1. You would be able to acquire clients through local authorities?
  2. Making a profit would be achievable?
  3. That clients would be relatively easy to find?
  4. You could attract great people to work for you because they would see your passion?

From the conversations I have with many business owners this is absolutely what they believed would happen…but it didn’t. 

So what is the reality?

When you first get registered with CQC, which in itself is a long process, you then need to find clients. When you approach health care professionals at hospitals, social care teams etc they say they only work with companies who are on their preferred list of their local authority.

Of course, new home care businesses then go through another long and difficult process of applying to be on this list.  The problem with going on a local authority list often means you are beholden to them to take on clients at an unsustainable cost. 

This leads to you then ending up taking on more clients because the only way you can generate income is to deliver more hours.  The result of which creates a snowball effect, it becomes this big, uncontrollable beast.

The knock-on effect of the above is that the more clients you have, the more people you need to support those clients. You try and fill as many shifts as you can in order to generate more income.  This causes yet another issue as the employees caring for your clients are put under increased pressure to deliver care as quickly as is reasonably possible. Recruitment and retention becomes more difficult and you end up literally taking one step forwards and two steps back.


Want to know how to have a business that you feel in control of?

By changing the focus to attract private clients to your home care business will enable you to change your business dramatically. It means you are able to offer a minimum of an hour of care, create bespoke care packages for your clients and attract and retain great people.

When you’ve worked as long as I have in the services industry, you need to know a bit about delivering an outstanding customer experience.  The most important bit…


People will buy a great experience when it comes to care.  To attract private clients to your home care business you need to define who you want to attract, and build services around those people. Once you have this your services will be a valuable proposition that people will want to buy.

This is what I do for clients, the process of which is as follows:

  1. Go through client segmentation
  2. Design client propositions and create services you can deliver
  3. Design a storyboard (this is your main marketing document and acts as a sales aid)
  4. Create a marketing plan that will tell you where to find those clients
  5. Create a 30, 60, 90 day action plan to ensure you win those clients

Want to find out more? There’s a few options below.

Read what the process is here. There is also a case study here. Or book in a discovery call here.

Testimonial from an existing client below:

I started working with Sue in November last year (2019). With a background in District Nursing and the owner of a domiciliary care network, I had seen the gaps in social care that traditional “hourly rates” posed.

Sue totally understood my mission from day one and worked closely with the whole team to help us create four packages of care that benefit both clients and our franchise teams alike. Our teams launched the new care structure in May this year and are finding them very profitable and great to sell. The packages make us stand out in a saturated market of care, enabling us to lead the way in true person-centred care’
Cheryl White, Apollo Care, Liverpool