A Case Study - Attracting private clients

Care Package Solutions

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the issue - attracting private clients

My client, a UK franchise, wanted to attract more private clients. The ratio was 80% council clients and 20% private clients.  Their concern was that councils were not paying them sufficiently which meant it was making it difficult for them to remain a viable business.

He was additionally frustrated with the lack of control he had with the revenues.  Cancellations at short notice and losing care professionals because they were losing shifts was the norm.

He wanted a solution to change the above so his care businesses could grow and thrive


How we solved the problem

We have solved the problem by implementing a care package solution within his business. It means they now charge for a package of care rather than an hour of care. This is billed and paid for monthly.  The process is outlined below:

  • Establish your objectives and understand your business
  • Go through client segmentation to find out who your clients are now and who you want your ideal client to be in the future
  • Design care packages that are unique and specific to your care business
  • Design a Storyboard for you which outlines who you are, what you offer (with bespoke care packages) and your personal story
  • Design a marketing strategy for your specific clients
  • Provide sales training so you are confident in selling the new services
The benefits of using this approach are:
  • The clients like paying a monthly fee 
  • Care professionals can be offered higher rates of pay and therefore attract them to the care business
  • Contracts can be offered as shifts can now be put in place
  • The services are very much person centred and as they are tailored to your client base
  • It provides stable income
  • It means you have a value conversation rather than a cost conversation with clients as you have highlighted everything you cover within your service.

the result

The end result has meant that his private clients are increasing each month and his council clients decreasing.  It has also meant he can now offer his care professionals 16 hour contracts, which has helped with retention.  It has enabled his business to stand out from the crowd and he is now attracting his ideal clients to his business.

Want to know how to attract private clients?