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Assistive Technology in Home Care

Assistive Technology in Home Care

Assistive Technology in Home Care has arrived! And it is being implemented within the home care sector now. There is however, a reluctance of many care businesses to implement this within their business.

What does it actually do and what is it used for?

– Primarily it promotes independence. There is a range of assistive technology you can have from sensors for doors, fridges, movement etc to wearable devices such as GPS trackers and health & fitness monitoring.

– The sensors and devices provide insight into a person’s health and well-being, which can have the outcome of preventing them from being hospitalised.

As an example, a urinary tract infection may be identified if there are increased visits to the bathroom. The assistive technology would tell you if something was happening that was out of the ‘norm’ for that person.

– It also provides a safety net for clients and their families. Certainly from my perspective I want to know that my 88 year old Dad is safe at home. The technology would tell me if that was the case, or if there was a problem i.e. he’d fallen or a smoke alarm had gone off. This gives families peace of mind, which is really valuable.

The technology described above you can buy off the shelf or online. Most of them are “plug and play”. However, where I believe it can add real value is when a home care business offers this as a wrap around service. It is a massive opportunity for home care providers to add real value to their clients and their families.

So what’s stopping care businesses implementing this?

The main barriers are:-

– Not knowing which ones to choose as there are many out there.

– They are unsure as to how reliable the technology is

– The ability to sell this to clients, or how to make it part of a value proposition is a challenge for most

If those barriers are stopping you then please do book in a free 30 minute consultation here

I’m currently working with home care businesses to implement this within their businesses.

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